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These best selling marimba method books are now available to retailers from ALFRED MUSIC. They are also widely distributed and available from many online retailers like AMAZON, JW PEPPER, SHEET MUSIC PLUS, etc. in addition to our publishing sales website:


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Reading Mallet Percussion Music CoverReading Mallet Percussion Music, 3rd Edition

"The finest book of reading studies for mallet instruments I have seen." Kristin Shiner-McGuire

"An excellent book, well-written and organized for easy comprehension." John Beck

New in the Third Edition:

Spiral Binding, CD of 145 Play-Along Tracks, Arpeggio Keyboard Graphics, 30 Technical Exercises.

View Sample Pages    View Table of Contents Retail $28.75


Anthology of Lute and Guitar Music for MarimbaAnthology of Lute and Guitar Cover

"I have always loved music of the classical guitar and lute repertoire. In this collection, I have chosen some of my favorite compositions to transcribe for four and a third octave marimba (low A)." Rebecca Kite


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level four mallet pieces suitable for recitals, juries, and sight reading.

View Anthology Sample Pages    View Anthology Table of Contents Retail: $19.95


Keiko Abe ~ A Virtuosic Life: Her Musical Career and the Evolution of the Concert Marimba

Keiko Abe A Virtuosic Life cover

"Keiko Abe: A Virtuosic Life is an inspirational biography that reveals Abe's monumentally important contribution to the marimba.

Steeped in the large landscape of music history, Rebecca Kite expertly captures the many tightly woven threads of Abe's spellbinding life story.

Designed as both a biography and a history of the instrument, its music, its composers, and its musicians, no other book in our era -- like Keiko Abe herself -- has done so much to advance the marimba and the field of percussion on the world stage." John Beck, Professor of Percussion, Eastman School of Music

Read an Excerpt Paperback, 302 pages with Audio CD, Retail $74.95

About TakiMusic and GP Percussion

Takimusic logo GP Percussion was an established company, happy to live in our niche at first as timpani designers and builders and then as a small publishing company dedicated to publishing high quality marimba related books, music and recordings.

For the past ten years, a music wholesaler in Texas has been importing very low quality percussion instruments from China to sell in the consumer market here in the USA, using the name: GP Drums.

Since we were focused on professional musicians, and educators and marimba students, the sale of cheap drum sets to people through ebay and Walmart didn't seem like much of a problem, even though every Christmas people sent us emails trying to get the "manual" to learn how to set up their drum sets since they did not come with instructions! (While this was comical at first, it became annoying- especially when Target published my email address as the contact name for the mysterious music company in Texas).

Recently, they have expanded this imported percussion product line and its name, now GP Percussion. Last year they entered the education market with really cheap bell kits and xylophones. This was the proverbial final straw that broke the camel's back - I did not want anyone to think that I am associated with these inferior products.

So, after more than twenty-five years I have changed my business name to TakiMusic in honor of my really wonderful dog who makes me smile everytime I think about her! (Which is pretty much how I feel about music and especially marimba music!)

Future projects will be published by TakiMusic and we will continue to publish all previous GP Percussion products under the GP Percussion imprint.

And for those of you looking for answers about your GP Percussion musical instruments you bought on ebay, Target, or Walmart: PLEASE do NOT send me an e-mail!